Foods to Smoke in an Electric Smoker

A smoker is an instrument that uses heat and smoke to prepare food. The main idea here is to cook food while it absorbs the smoke to add flavor to it. Before you can buy and start smoking your food, there are things that can only be smoked perfectly using an electric smoker. You can find a lot of electric smoker recipes online.

You can definitely smoke any type of meat using this type of smoker for example beef, chicken, sausages, and pork. They are best cooked at temperatures range of 145-165 degrees Fahrenheit. You can prepare;

Smoked salmon. They are quick and easy to prepare at home. You can add more elegance to them by adding them to the scrambled eggs. After taking it through the smoker, salmon obtains a firm, flaky and dry texture and it has a distinctive smoky flavor. Smoked salmon is a perfect dish because you can try it with different combinations like you can add them to soup to achieve a better experience. You can also cook delicious Salmon using the Cuisinart 360 griddle cooking center with great smoked taste through grilling process.

Smoked turkey. Smoked turkey has become a very popular dish nowadays. It is done at a temperature range of 185-225 degrees Fahrenheit. To cut down the cooking time, you can cut them into halves or quarters.  You can prepare the turkey by soaking it in seasoned brine which is a flavor and it can as well protect your meat from drying.

Smoked turkey is more flavorful compared to the ordinary or a roasted one because of the brine and the smoke.

Smoked chicken. The best flavor will be obtained if you use low temperatures with a steady supply of smoke. You should not exceed a temperature of 200 degrees to ensure that the cooking time is extended and the smoke permeates perfectly into the chicken. For a perfect experience, you can add your best seasoning first to the chicken before you can start. Adding a barbeque should be done at the end of cooking.

Smoking can also be done on the vegetable especially the cruciferous and the crunchy ones. You should avoid doing it on the leafy vegetable because it cannot be very effective. Always use very low temperatures as they cook faster compared to the meats. Preparing homemade jerky in an electric smoker is one of the most popular recipes these days, due to the taste and texture you get through the smoking process.