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Do-it-yourself approach for preparing smoked prime rib

Although prime rib can be made with the oven, but a more tasty technique is by using the smoker. It brings all the moisture and juice to make it very delicious. If you want to prepare your own prime rib, below is a proven step that will get you the result you desire.

Getting the right electric smoker

Obviously, you will need an efficient electric smoker if you’re serious about making a delicious prime rib. The best electric smoker brands like Masterbuilt and Bradley have good quality smokers you can get. But if you already have a smoker, make sure you have a proper working thermometer and meat probe. You will need them for checking the temperature of the food and its doneness.

Things you will need for smoked prime rib

  • Disposable aluminum pan
  • Good prime rib rub
  • Sharp knife
  • Large cutting board
  • Reliable meat thermometer
  • Aluminum foil

Smoking time

The smoking time for prime rib takes between 20 and 30 minutes per pound. The actual time depends on type of smoker and weather conditions. If you’re cooking 3 pounds of meat, you are probably going to need about 1.5 hours to smoke the prime rib.

Trim the Prime Rib

When you’re buying prime rib from a butcher, let them know you are not roasting it. Roasting and smoking requires different cooking methods. Smoking is a slower process that gets the smoke flavor into the prime rib. The butcher can help you remove the outer layer of fat on the rib to allow the flow of smoke flavor.

Season and smoke the prime

You can decide to apply basic seasoning like pepper and salt or go for more ingredients to make it flavorful. Whichever one you want, just make sure the seasoning coats the entire prime rib all round. This will leave an even taste.

After preparing the prime rib, heat up the smoker and set at the right temperature. With an electric smoker, you can set the right temperature for prime ribs (usually about 2500F).  To increase the smoky flavor, add some woodchips in the woodchip box. Then allow the meat to smoke slowly as it brings out moisture while it immerses in smoky flavor from the burning wood.

Once the smoker reaches the desired temperature, it automatically shuts down, indicating that your meat is ready. However, to be very sure, you should use a meat thermometer to check for level of doneness.  The meat temperature should be closing in on about 1200F if the prime rib is fully done.

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BBQ Smoker pork ribs recipe with Cookshack smoker

Are you looking to prepare pork ribs with your Cookshack smoker? We all know that pork ribs are one of the most commonly smoked BBQ meals. It is universally accepted as one of the BIG 3, alongside chicken and beef. But not everyone knows how to properly smoke this meat cut. If you are one of them, this guide is meant for you. Below is a guide to prepare BBQ smoker pork ribs with a Cookshack smoker.

 Ingredients required

  • Spice rub
  • 2 cups BBQ sauce
  • 1 rack pork rib, baby back or St. Louis
  • 1 ½  tbsp mustard powder
  • 1 ½  tbsp ground black pepper
  • 2 tablespoons onions powder
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • ½ tbsp cayenne pepper
  • 1 tbsp ground pepper


  • Preheat your Cookshack smoker to about 2250 F. Place about 5 to 7 pieces of woods in the firebox. You can use any type of woodchip, but you need to choose the wood you are familiar with.
  • Mix mustard powder, black pepper, onion powder, minced garlic, paprika, garlic powder, cayenne, and ginger in a large bowl and mix thoroughly.
  • Takeout the pork rib and place on an aluminum foil. Apply spice rub on the entire surface of the pork. Make sure you coat evenly.
  • Fill up water in a metal pan and place it close to your smoker’s cooking chamber.  Set the pork rib in the cooking grate and close the smoker. But you should keep the vents open to allow smoke easily pass through.
  • As the woodchips burn, replace at an interval of 1 hour to retain the smoky flavor throughout the smoking process.  But do not add excessive wood as it may bring thick smoke, which is not good for the rib.
  • Maintain the smoking temperature until the pork is finally done.

Generally, it will take about 3 to 5 hours to prepare a smoked pork rib. The cooking time depends on the type and size of rib.

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Best electric smoker brands and types to consider

Food smoking has been a standing tradition for a long period since the colonial period, but it takes skills and manpower to do it right.

 To master the technique of setting the temperature and smoke accordingly can even take years to become experienced.

However, there are multiple electric smokers easily available making the process easier due to the endless change in technology. When it comes to purchasing an electric smoker, there are plenty of options out there. Different electric smokers differ from one another in terms of the functionality, the end product, and quality.

When purchasing a smoker the question one should ask yourself is the kind of fuel you will be burning. There are various types of smokers to consider they are charcoal, electric, propane, and pellet. According to ones need you view each and every smoker its pros and con.

The best type to consider is the electric smoker; here are some of the reasons

  1. Maintenance of constant temperature is easy than propane and charcoal.
  2. Has an easy temperature controlling system installed.
  3. They are cost-efficient; the electric smoker does not need refilling of gas or charcoal.
  4. Saves time as it does necessarily need monitoring now and then.
  5. Electric smokers do not emit harmful gas, unlike the charcoal which emits carbon monoxide which might be harmful especially for kids.
  6. It is one of the safest types of smokers, they are shockproof hence they are highly insulated.

Let’s have a close look amongst one of the best electric smoker brands.

  1. Masterbuilt electric smoker brand i.e. 40” Masterbuilt 20075315 it has various features that every electric smoker lover will admire. It maintains temperature throughout because its seals are shut tightly and insulated.
  2. Bradley electric smoker brand i.e. Bradley digital 6-rack smoker, its well-insulated this giving smoke steady supply. With the removable wire racks, cleaning is much easier.
  3. Char-broil electric smoker brand i.e. Char-broil deluxe digital electric smoker, 725 square inches. It is the best model for beginners.
  4. Old smokey electric smoker
  5. Smokin tex
  6. Cookshack electric smoker brand
  7. Smokehouse products electric smoker brand
  8. Smoke hollow
  9. Meco electric smoker brand

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Foods to Smoke in an Electric Smoker

A smoker is an instrument that uses heat and smoke to prepare food. The main idea here is to cook food while it absorbs the smoke to add flavor to it. Before you can buy and start smoking your food, there are things that can only be smoked perfectly using an electric smoker. You can find a lot of electric smoker recipes online.

You can definitely smoke any type of meat using this type of smoker for example beef, chicken, sausages, and pork. They are best cooked at temperatures range of 145-165 degrees Fahrenheit. You can prepare;

Smoked salmon. They are quick and easy to prepare at home. You can add more elegance to them by adding them to the scrambled eggs. After taking it through the smoker, salmon obtains a firm, flaky and dry texture and it has a distinctive smoky flavor. Smoked salmon is a perfect dish because you can try it with different combinations like you can add them to soup to achieve a better experience. You can also cook delicious Salmon using the Cuisinart 360 griddle cooking center with great smoked taste through grilling process.

Smoked turkey. Smoked turkey has become a very popular dish nowadays. It is done at a temperature range of 185-225 degrees Fahrenheit. To cut down the cooking time, you can cut them into halves or quarters.  You can prepare the turkey by soaking it in seasoned brine which is a flavor and it can as well protect your meat from drying.

Smoked turkey is more flavorful compared to the ordinary or a roasted one because of the brine and the smoke.

Smoked chicken. The best flavor will be obtained if you use low temperatures with a steady supply of smoke. You should not exceed a temperature of 200 degrees to ensure that the cooking time is extended and the smoke permeates perfectly into the chicken. For a perfect experience, you can add your best seasoning first to the chicken before you can start. Adding a barbeque should be done at the end of cooking.

Smoking can also be done on the vegetable especially the cruciferous and the crunchy ones. You should avoid doing it on the leafy vegetable because it cannot be very effective. Always use very low temperatures as they cook faster compared to the meats. Preparing homemade jerky in an electric smoker is one of the most popular recipes these days, due to the taste and texture you get through the smoking process.

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Things to consider when buying a small electric smoker

Smoking is one of the best ways you can add flavor to your dishes like chicken, beef and barbecue. In the modern days, electric smokers are being used to carry out smoking purposes.

For the best experience, it is essential to find the best small electric smoker for indoors that will not disappoint. There are some things you need to consider before you can settle on the product of your dreams.

Cleaning procedures of the product

You should consider the approaches you will make to make the smoker clean. It is necessary to choose the product which will be easier to clean. Cleanliness will ensure that you avoid the conditions that arise due to unhygienic conditions in the food that you consume.

The temperature adjustments of the smoker

The biggest improvement in these devices is the ability to control the temperatures and the time taken for the food to be ready. You should consider buying a small electric smoker that has the capability to do that or else make sure to have an electric smoker thermometer. It will make it easier for you to monitor how the food is cooking even if you are not near.

The condition of the racks and trays

Racks and trays are the most important parts of any smoker. The best product should have these parts adjustable in order to fit in the different sizes of the food you want to smoke. In case your smoker is meant for barbeque food, you would want your device to have a place to put your drip pan to avoid the sauce from ruining the smoke.

Design and shape of the smoker

When thinking of buying the product, it is essential to consider what you will use it for. For family uses, the bullet shaped ones are commonly preferred.

The materials used to make the product

It is important to check on the electronics used to make the smoker. The high quality small electric smoker will have the thermostat as the heat regulator while the others will have the rheostat.

In the end, the budget you have will determine the best product you will purchase. However, if the amount of money to spend is not an issue, then the above factors will help you settle for a standard product.

To decide which meat smoker is the best, you may compare wood smoker vs electric smoker features in detail.

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Fruit toast with Macadamia Nut Butter (gf) 8.5
French Toast It! 11.5

Fresh Fruit Salad 11
w / Bircher +2.5
w / Honey Yogurt +1.5

Omelette Du Jour & Potatoes Bedford (gf) 16.5

Two Eggs on light rye with whipped butter & breakfast slaw (gfo) 10.5

w / blueberries 17.0
w / whipped butter, bacon & maple syrup (gfo) 18.0
add / a fried egg +2.5

Pastrami & Spring Greens saute of calvo, spinach, silver beet, chard with sun dried tomato pesto & potatoes bedford 19.0
add / a fried egg +2.5 (gf)

Open Breakfast Burrito, fried egg, guacamole, sour cream, black beans, corn salsa, coriander, jalapeno & apple jam 18.0
add / spicy pulled pork or tofu (vo) +(gf)

Green Pancakes (broccoli, peas, snow peas, spring onion, green chilli, spinach) Crab Louie Salad,  avocado & a poached egg 19.0

Lumberjack Breakfast silver dollar pancakes, potatoes Bedford, two eggs, bacon, fried chicken & side de jour 25.0


Caramelised Grapefruit3.0
Sauté of spring Greens 3.5
Potatoes Bedford 4.0
Fruit Salad5.0
Streaky Bacon 5.0
1/2 Avocado with Vegemite dressing & crispy quinoa (vg) 5.0
Fried Chicken Piece (gf) 5.0


add chips or slaw +3

Fried Hot Chicken Sandwich, BBQ slaw, thick cut white bread (gfo)  16.0

Chop Shop Cheeseburger ground beef, grilled cheese’n’onion, b’n’b pickles, ketchup & mayo16.0
add / bacon +2.5                            

Fried Chicken & Waffle maple syrup & bourbon butter (gfo)  18.0

Grilled cheese & truffle mayo  11.0
add / tomato soup+4.0

Eggplant Sub Southern fried eggplant fingers, dill slaw, spring onion, ranch & chipotle (v) 15.0

Cauliflower Salad spiced coconut yoghurt, pomegranate, smoked almond, sumac, pickled onion, parsley & mint, lemon dressing 18.0
add / spicy tofu +5.0 (gf)

Chilli & Garlic Roasted Broccoli Salad house made soft cheese, mixed grains, puffed rice & herbs (v) (vo) 18 .0
add / poached or fried egg+2.5
add / roast chicken+4

Fresh Sandwiches & house made sweet pies available on the counter  


Hot Fried Tenders
Chicken  $11 –  $14.5 w/side
Eggplant  $9 – $12.5 w/side

Fried & Glazed Wings  $10 – $13.5  w/side

Hot Fried or Signature Chook
Quarter  $10 – $13.5  w/side
Half  $17 – $20.5  w/side
Whole  $33 – $36.5  w/side

Chicken Fried Steaks or Pork
Half  $10 – $13.5 w/side
Whole  $15.5 – $19 w/side

Breaded Pork Chop  $16 – $19.5 w/side

Chicken Fried Vegetables  $11 – $13.5 w/side

Vegetable Pot Pie  $12 – $15.5 w/side

Catch Of The Day  $Market Price

SIDES $6.00

Yellow beans with spiced lemon dressing & sumac
Iceberg wedge with honey dressing, radish and dill
Spiced black eyed beans and Okra in brown sugar BBQ sauce
Dobra spiced meat spaghetti
Mac n cheese

SAUCES $2.00

BBQ Mayonnaise
Maple Mayonnaise
Bourbon & Maple BBQ Sauce
Carolina Mustard & Beers Sauce
Alabama white BBQ sauce
Tangy Buttermilk Mayonnaise 


Cold cuts, Cheese & Pickles$13/25
a selection of premium cold cuts and
deli items, cheese, pickles, pate, 
pickled onions served with toasted sourdough

House Pickles$5.00


Chicken spiced nuts$5.00




Black 3.8
White 4.0
Batch Brew 4.0
Soy/Almond milk 4.5
Chai La Lai 4.2
Hot Chocolate4.0
Homies Tea 4.0

  • English Breakfast Tea
  • Lemongrass & Ginger Tisane
  • Earl Grey Tea
  • Spiced Chamomile
  • Green Tea
  • Peppermint Tisane
  • Berry & Rooibos Tisane


Temple Brewing
Mornington Peninsula Brewery
2 Brothers
glass 4    pot 6    pint 11
Cider (500ml) 12


SPARKLING MVSA Vallformosa Cava Penedes Spain 11 / 55
Stefano Lubiana Brut Reserve NV Derwent Valley TAS 15 / 75
Jacquesson Cuvée No. 739 NV Champagne France 145  


Even Keel Pinot Gris Mornington Peninsula VIC 11 / 50
Westwood Chardonnay Yarra Valley VIC 12.5 / 58
Out of Step ‘Rochester’ Fiano Heathcote VIC 14 / 65
Ravensworth Riesling Murrumbateman NSW 15 / 70
AmbleSauvignon BlancYarra Valley VIC  75    


Rosa by KT Clare Valley SA 11 / 50            


Airlie Bank Pinot Noir Yarra Valley VIC 10 / 45 
Santa & D’Sas Sangiovese King Valley VIC 12 / 55
Alkimi ‘The Good Earth’ Syrah Yarra Valley VIC 14 / 65 
S.C. Pannell Grenache Shiraz Touriga McLaren Vale SA 15 / 70

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